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"Very pleased with how attentive (your company) was to our claim when our trip to New England had to be shortened due to a family emergency. They did not question nor ask for any additional documentation and sent us reimbursement checks relatively quickly."

"I have received your check for reimbursement of my claim. Thank you. My interactions with you have all been very satisfactory. Your representative has impeccable telephone manners and was clear and encouraging in every conversation I had with him. Can you tell me if there is a person or address to whom I should direct my commendation of him? "

"Our long awaited magical ten day cruise on the Carnival Vista from Greece to Barcelona, then thirteen day Royal Caribbean Harmony from Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale was thrown into a tailspin two days before our scheduled flight departure. Air France cancelled the last leg of our flight - Paris to Athens. Then, the Air Traffic controllers in Greece scheduled a four day strike, which prevented us from embarking on our ship in Athens. Air France tried to book us to the first port of call, but we would have had to leave "tomorrow", which was impossible because both of our nearby airports, Orlando and Melbourne were closed in the anticipation of Hurricane Matthew. Needless to say, our stress level was high, and thankfully, we didn't have to concern ourselves with losing several thousands of dollars as well. I am a big Clark Howard fan. He advises it's never wise to buy the trip insurance cruise lines offer, but rather a third party company. (Your company) was excellent and covered us for all of our losses. We NEVER plan a trip without buying insurance from insuremytrip.com. Five years ago, we cancelled a European vacation due to a death, and once again, we were refunded all of our losses. The refund was quick and the information was easy to submit."

"Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. I have been ill and a dear and have a close family member who is in critically ill at present. Thanks for your help and look forward to using your insurance as a travel insurance company in the future. "

"I received all the checks today. I must tell you that we were surprised and very satisfied with the company for your timely and appropriate response to my claim. Thank you for making what was a difficult situation for us less stressful. My husband was convinced this would be a long battle. You have restored his confidence in having insurance work for the customer."

"Just wanted to leave a message telling you all how nice your customer service representative has been in helping me with a claim situation that has just been opened up. I was a little nervous. I had never done anything like this before. I did not know what to expect. He was very, very helpful, very friendly, very willing to answer all of my questions and provided me with reassurance that my claim would go forward. I am very impressed."

"Your claims examiner and customer service representative should be commended for her handling of this Traveler. WOW! Excellent!"

"Thank you for your assistance, we really appreciated your Travel Claims representative taking the time to answer our questions over the phone yesterday"

"Thank you for my checks received today in regard to the trip to Cuba. My wife is still recovering. I appreciate the professional and timely assistance of the claims representative who was very helpful and understanding. I will be using you as my travel company moving forward"

"Dear Sirs, My wife and I wanted to thank you for your kind and prompt attention to our claim when we had to cancel our trip. It is nice to know they have such quality associates. We hope we never have to miss out on another adventure. Once again we thank you for your help."

"I want to thank you for working with me on this claim. You were very patient with me and helpful. I received our checks today and am happy to get them. I will definitely continue to do business with you because of your great customer service. "

"I deeply appreciate the conversation I have had with the claims representative who has been ever so helpful. It is a great credit to your organization."

"I have insured my trips for years. This trip was the first time I had to file a claim. I wasn't able to get the full trip delay reimbursement because I was not able to get the proper paperwork from the Travel Supplier, however your agent at CBP was extremely helpful and patient with me. She not only got me what she could but explained all the procedures to me so that if I am ever in this situation again I will be aware of what I need to file a claim. I will always use your company for my travel insurance based on this experience"


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